Metropolitan Crown History

The History of Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd

To begin, we will give you a bit of Metropolitan Crown history.

Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Limted all started in a bedroom of our former director, Raj Miah in 2007.

Shortly after its inception, the company moved into a tiny office in Chrisp Street Market, Poplar, London E14.

This is where the brand slowly and steadily evolved. He knew that if you rush business, it could get messy and disastrous.

Hence, Raj always focused on slow and steady growth.

Most noteworthy, this is the reason for the company’s success.

After that, a website and a logo was made and business was underway in Tower Hamlets.

By 2014, the company started to expand and rebrand, updating its website and logo.

Then, in 2014 the business moved to the office located at 789 Commercial Road, Saint Anne Street, London E14 7HG.

Reationships with various London Borough Councils were made.

Implementing a system of continuity for the company was paramount and well executed.

It is still operating as this blog post is being written today.

Metropolitan and Crown History
Metropolitan Crown History

Becoming Leaders in Guaranteed Rent London

By 2014, Metropolitan and Crown had already become one of the leaders in London for the Guaranteed Rent Scheme.

This was achieved by becoming an official leasing agent for Tower Hamlets Council.

This title further expanded to the following London boroughs;

If you are a Landlord, contact us on 02075388887 for more information.

Remembering Our Founder

The founder of Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Limited was Mr Raja Miah.

Raj was born in Biswanath, Sylhet in Bangladesh in 1981.

Mr Miah moved to the UK at a young age.

To succeed in life was his ambition.

As a result, he studied business in college and immediately saw an opportunity in the property market.

He juggled his job working at TFL London Underground as a train driver while slowly building his company with family and friends.

Over time, he was able to employ a strong team during the decade that he established and managed Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Limited.

Above all, Mr Miah always looked after his family, friends, staff and acquaintances.

Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Limited is a testament to his success.

Mr Raja Miah was an entrepreneur and a philanthropist always putting others’ best interest at heart.

However, sadly, Raj passed away on the 1st of December 2018.

He consistently worked extremely hard to make this company what it is today.

As a result, his team continues to uphpold his legacy and continues to provide an exemplary Guaranteed Rent service to any Landlord in the M25 radius.

Consequently, he will be truly missed and never forgotten.

Above all, we would like to thank Mr Raja Miah for his dedication to his work of charity for everyone he met and knew.

Raj was a visionary and a true leader.

Our loving thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

We wish everyone all the very best for 2019…

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