Property Sales Poplar E14

Property Sales Poplar E14

To begin, we will cover the topic of property sales Poplar E14.

In Poplar, the property prices on average have increased 35.93% over the last year according to Foxtons.

They suggest that the average property value in Poplar is £515,833.

This average is 16.8% below the London Average of £620,038.

As a result, property owners in the area have seen a massive increase in value of their properties over the past decade.

For that reason, if property owners are looking to sell before a recession, this is the time to do so.

Property Sales Poplar E14
Property Sales in Poplar, Tower Hamlets, London.

Selling Your Property in Poplar

Are you considering selling your property in Poplar?

Do you own a leasehold flat?

You may want to read this article we previously posted called “Leasehold Concerns“.

If you own a freehold property, the article does not apply.

Regardless, Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd is located in the E14 area of London.

As a result, Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd can assist any property owners looking to sell their property or properties.

Is it Worth Selling Now?

As of writing this article, it has been reported that there may be a major collapse in the market.

When? This is uncertain.

However, if you look at trends, every 10 years there is a crash in the market.

The last market crash was in 2008.

There is only 2 more months until the end of 2018.

It may be risky to sell now because property prices will dramatically decline if and when a crash happens.

You can still put your property on the market and see if there are any interested buyers.

Make sure you do not have to pay any fees if you decide to pull out of a sale before any deal is made.

If you want to play it safe, you may consider a Guaranteed Rent option while riding out the coming financial storm.

If you want to know more, give Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd a call on 02075388887.