Fireworks Celebration

Fireworks in the Park – Tower Hamlets Events – October 2017

First of all, on Thursday, the the 19th of October 2017, there will be fireworks celebration in the park at the following location:

Gurdwara Sikh Sangat 43 Harley Grove, London, E3 2AT

The Gurdwara Sikh Sangat (Sikh Temple) will host the event. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the Metropolitan Police will support the event to ensure fun in the park. Therefore, the event should feel safe.

Especially relevant, the event is a celebration to promote harmony and diversity in the Tower Hamlets community. This event will combine Bonfire Night and Diwali (known to Sikhs as ‘Bandi Chhor Divas’).

The Gurdwara’s Committee is delighted to announce this year’s Diwali/ Bandi Chhor Divas’ programme as follows;

• 6.15 to 6.45pm – Rehrass Sahib
• 6.45pm to 7.15pm – Gurbani Kirtian
• 7.00pm – The start of the Firework programme (in the park opposite)
• 7.30pm (sharp) – The start of the Firework display

Fireworks Celebration

A fireworks display will start at 7:30pm in the park. There will be a professional company setting up the fireworks display in the park.

fireworks celebration tower hamlets
Fireworks Celebration Tower Hamlets October 2017


Please note that there will be road closures, so make sure you plan your travel routes. According to the Tower Hamlets Arts website: “Please note that the Park will be closed from 10am until after the event finishes.”

Therefore, there will be no access to the park from 10am for preparation of the fireworks event in the park to celebrate Diwali and Bonfire Night.

Locals should go to this community celebration so they can experience harmony and diversity in the borough.  It is good to see these kind of events for the community. Keep them coming Tower Hamlets Council!

Park fireworks can be exciting to watch. Everyone enjoys the display of brilliant light. Consequently, everyone stands together. Community is created.

As a result, it makes it that more special, once you understand the reason behind these events, . Leave your television for one night to go out into the community to share this fireworks display. You will be glad you did!

In conclusion, there will be a fireworks display in the park on Thursday, the 19th of October 2017 starting at 5pm at the following location:

Gurdwara Sikh Sangat 43 Harley Grove, London, E3 2AT

Do not miss this fireworks celebration in the park of community and togetherness.

For more information, visit the Tower Hamlets Arts website here.

Other October Events


Equity Release UK 2017

Equity Release UK 2017

If you are an over 55 years old buy-to-let landlord, there are options available for equity release.

Tom Evans, managing director at Retirement Advantage Equity Release, said this option will prove to be valuable for helping to pay legal and adviser fees.

equity release
Releasing Equity

These days, when there is a chance to release equity, everyone who needs it pays attention. It may be right for some, and not for others.

When committing to releasing equity, tread carefully. It is not right for everyone.

Do not take out equity knowing that you are not in a financial position to do so. Before you consider, it is highly recommended to seek advice from a financial adviser.

To conclude, if you are over 55 the option of releasing equity is available.

Equity needs to be repaid.

Make informed decisions.

Go to the FT Adviser Website to find out more information.


October Events in Tower Hamlets

Treat Your Child in Tower Hamlets

Amidst all of the problems that are headlining in the news about Tower Hamlets, there are October events for young people to distract them from all of this.

Young people need to feel like their is more to life than problems. It should be about community and progression.

Keeping young children active and entertained is important for their mental well being.

Tower Hamlets Sport & Physical Activity and Urban Adventure Base are running free taster sessions for ages 5+ during the Autumn Half Term.

There are sessions running from Monday, the 23rd of October 2017 to Friday, the 27th of October 2017.

October Events

To find out more information, and to book a place for your child during the Autumn Half Term, visit the Tower Hamlets Council website via the link below to find out more:

You can also View the PDF of the events via the link below:


House Prices Falling London

London House Prices Falling

Finally, house prices falling. Just the news we’ve been waiting for…

According to Nationwide House Price Index, in September 2017 London is the weakest performing region for the first time since 2005.

house prices falling
House Prices Falling

They summarize that house prices are falling and down 0.6% year on year.

According to Robert Gardner (Nationwide’s Chief Economist), “The annual rate of house price growth remained broadly stable in September in 2.0% compared with 2.1% in August.”

Due to the lack of properties for sale on the market, this supports the market price adjustments in London and the rest of the UK respectively.

Higher employment and generous mortgage rates have have also contributed to this factor.

Therefore, first time buyers and investors in London have an opportunity to seize the property market’s current condition.

To conclude, London house prices are falling.


Guaranteed Rent London

Guaranteed Rent London

First of all, since 2007, “Guaranteed Rent London” is a phrase we live by.

As a result, we can offer guaranteed rent to our Landlords.

Metropolitan and Crown started a prosperous working relationship with Tower Hamlets Council.

In addition, we provide temporary accommodation for families living in the Tower Hamlets borough.

Throughout the years, this relationship has enabled our company to offer     Landlords “Guaranteed Rent”.

Metropolitan and Crown offers Landlords ‘peace of mind’ while their property is being managed.

Guaranteed Rent

Working Relationships

We have attributed our success to a healthy working relationship with various London Councils.

As a result, we have the ability to offer Guaranteed Rent by working as an official leasing agent to:

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

We can offer Guaranteed Rent to Landlords anywhere within the London M25 radius.

Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme offers many advantages for renting your property.

Some of these advantages are:

  • Guaranteed Rent (regardless of void periods)
  • Complete property management
  • First year free/complimentary EPC, gas and electric safety certificates
  • Competitive market rents achieved
  • Property returned in the same condition
  • Our in-house maintenance team take care of minor maintenance issues with no extra charge

As a result, Landlords opting for the Guaranteed Rent Scheme are offered a fixed rental income.

Consequently, no hidden fees or extras are deducted from the rental income.

Agents can offer landlords a rental income on the private rental market.

Initially, this can provide a higher rental figure, but there are variables that affect this income.

Also, you are charged a percentage of the rental income if you are offered a certain amount by an agent.

So, the fee could be 5%, 8% or 10% respectively.

To conclude, contact us on 0207 538 8887 to find out more about our Guaranteed Rent Scheme.