Guaranteed Rent Deptford SE8

Guaranteed Rent Deptford SE8

To begin, we will cover the topic of Guaranteed Rent Deptford SE8.

In Deptford, the current average rental value in Deptford is £558 per week according to Foxtons.

The rental price range in the area goes from £299 to £922 per week.

This is clearly a significant increase over the last 10 years.

Although, there are also predictions that a financial crisis is upon us.

For that reason, if property owners are looking to rent before a recession, this is the time to do so.

Metropolitan and Crown offer a Guaranteed Rent service that can help during an uncertain period.


How Does a Recession Affect Rental Prices

As a recession hits, it becomes more difficult to borrow money.

As a result, many people looking to buy a property may find it also difficult.

Therefore, renting a property is the only option for many.

In regards to supply and demand, landlords may be able to command more rent.

Until there is a recession, nothing is for certain.

Guaranteed Rent

If you are a Landlord in Deptford SE8, Guauranteed Rent  may be the you need “peace of mind” you need.

Guaranteed Rent can ensure that an income is covering your mortgage if you have one.

It also takes away the headache of chasing rent and avoids rent defaults.

Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme at Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd is not through an insurance policy.

Therefore, you will not be waiting ages to receive compensation for any rent defaults.

To find out more about the benefits of our Guaranteed Rent Scheme, visit our company website for more information.

Alternatively, you can call us on 02075388887 to tallk with one of our agents.

Property Sales Poplar E14

Property Sales Poplar E14

To begin, we will cover the topic of property sales Poplar E14.

In Poplar, the property prices on average have increased 35.93% over the last year according to Foxtons.

They suggest that the average property value in Poplar is £515,833.

This average is 16.8% below the London Average of £620,038.

As a result, property owners in the area have seen a massive increase in value of their properties over the past decade.

For that reason, if property owners are looking to sell before a recession, this is the time to do so.

Property Sales Poplar E14
Property Sales in Poplar, Tower Hamlets, London.

Selling Your Property in Poplar

Are you considering selling your property in Poplar?

Do you own a leasehold flat?

You may want to read this article we previously posted called “Leasehold Concerns“.

If you own a freehold property, the article does not apply.

Regardless, Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd is located in the E14 area of London.

As a result, Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd can assist any property owners looking to sell their property or properties.

Is it Worth Selling Now?

As of writing this article, it has been reported that there may be a major collapse in the market.

When? This is uncertain.

However, if you look at trends, every 10 years there is a crash in the market.

The last market crash was in 2008.

There is only 2 more months until the end of 2018.

It may be risky to sell now because property prices will dramatically decline if and when a crash happens.

You can still put your property on the market and see if there are any interested buyers.

Make sure you do not have to pay any fees if you decide to pull out of a sale before any deal is made.

If you want to play it safe, you may consider a Guaranteed Rent option while riding out the coming financial storm.

If you want to know more, give Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd a call on 02075388887.

Leasehold Concerns

Government Leashold Selling Concerns for New Homebuyers

First of all, there are Government leasehold concerns for homebuyers which shows that ground rents have increased.

According to the website The Negotiator, the follwing research was carried out:

“Research by the NAEA earlier this year suggested that 62% of leasehold house owners in the UK felt they had been mis-sold their properties.”

As a result, the Government is looking to stop the sale of unfairly sold leasehold houses.

This is following the recent scandal of over the 100,000 home owners who were found trapped in agreements that:

  • charged high ground rents
  • enforced unfair conditions
Leasehold Concerns
Leasehold Concerns

Government Leasehold Concerns Amount

The Government have collected data on leasehold properties in the UK.

The statistics show that there are approximately 4.2 million leashold properties in England.

Furthermore, out of those 4.2 million leashold properties, approximately 2.9 million of them are flats.

Several leasehold homeowners are facing increasing ground rents.

The Government have made reports of such claims and plan to act in the Landlord’s defence.

Typically, Freeholders make alterations to the properties by using ground rent fees.

However, the escalating ground rents are not helping leasehold owners to sell their properties.

Waiting for Government Change

In the meantime, Landlords can take action while waiting for Government change.

The process of implementing an act/law can usually take some time.

How long does it take? Visit the UK Parliament website for more details.

What are the options while you wait?


If the option to sell your property is not currently available, renting your property is an option.

As a result, do your research to find the best possible solution to cover amounting costs.

An option that we offer at Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd is the Guaranteed Rent Scheme.

It is an option that can offer “peace of mind” with a consecutive rental payment while you sort out your finances.

Head on over to our main website to find out more about our Guaranteed Rent Scheme.

Landlord Tax Breaks

Landlord Tax Breaks for Longer Tenancies

First of all, the Government may announce landlord tax breaks for longer tenancies.

The Conservative “think tank” known as Onward has shared this information.

Furthermore, the Government proposed idea, which is coming from Downing Street, derives from the following:

According to the Letting Agent Today website;

“Landlords would not have to pay capital gains tax when selling to tenants who have lived in a property for three years or more.”

As a result, the Government has proposed an incentive for Landlords offering this option and condiering other options too.

Landlord Tax Breaks
Government May Announce Landlord Tax Breaks

Tax Breaks May Be Considered

The UK Government must be seriously considering these tax breaks for Landlords.

Therefore, as talks continue, the Government have written a consultation document called;

“Overcoming the Barriers to Longer Tenancies in the Private Rented Sector”

The consultation document may be worth reading if you are a Landlord, as a law may apply in the future.

Reason for Landlord Tax Breaks

The Government proposed a number of options to promote the three year tenancy model.

The Reason;

The demand for longer tenancies from the growing number older people and families in the private rental property market.

One of the options the Government has proposed a financial incentive that could quicken the implementation process.

This could be an option rather than a mandatory 3 year tenancy agreement.

Nothing is yet conclusive, but the UK Government will continue to discuss this matter as they welcome suggestions.

Conclusion of Landlord Tax Breaks

In conclusion, the Government have considered Landlord tax breaks for those who considered longer tenancies (3 years).

Furthermore, there are financial incentive options that may also appeal to exisiting Landlords.

There is an article written back in March 2018 that discussed a Housing Crisis for first time buyers.

As a result, there could be a correlation between foreign property investors and any incentives or tax breaks considered by the UK Government.

As a Landlord, it is always important to stay informed and do your research.

We will continue to offer property related information to those interested in the property market.

Fastest Property Price Growth

The  Fastest Property Price Growth Areas in the UK 2018

First of all, we are going to discuss the fastest property price growth areas in the UK.

If you have been living in the UK for the last 10 years, you would have noticed a significant increase in property prices.

Some areas in the UK have not seen a significant increase, while the opposite has been true for other areas.

Fastest Property Price Growth UK 2018
Fastest Property Price Growth UK 2018

Variables Affecting Property Prices

There are many variables that can affect the property market price of properties.

Some of these variables are:

Planning Permissions

It’s worth checking your local authority for nearby planning permissions.

A school or major supermarket may boost your home’s value, while others could seriously decrease it.

The building of an industrial estate is an example where its development can detract the value of a property.

Above all, it is important to do your research, and contact the local autrhority of an area you are considering to purchase in.

Regeneration Plans

If a local authority is planning to regenerate a town or city centre, this is likely to boost the local economy.

For that reason, this may increase property prices in the future.

New Developments

New developments can go either way.

When new build homes are built, they can increase the value of the area and its properties.

However, take note that if too many properties come quickly onto the market in that area, it may cause the value to decrease.


Furthermore, there are other variables that can affect the value of properties. You can find out more on the Which website.

In contrast, a previous post on our blog was about falling house prices in 2017 named ‘House Prices Falling London‘.

Areas of Most Substantial Growth

In the UK, these are the top 5 areas which experienced the most substantial house price growth in 1 year, starting with the most affected growth:

(Data compiled in June 2018 by Your Move England & Wales House Price Index)

  1. Leicester (4.8%)
  2. Tyne and Wear (4.1%)
  3. West Midlands (3.9%)
  4. South Yorkshire (3.2%)
  5. Greater Manchester (2.9%)

Conclusion of Fastest House Price Growth

In conclusion, it is August 2018, and there are areas in the UK that are experiencing a significant increase in property value.

Most noteworthy, if you are looking to buy or invest in property in particular areas of the UK, you should carry out due diligence for variables that may influence a property’s value.